Reasons To Consider Custom Picture Framing

When you go to display artwork or pictures, you rarely hang them without frames. A picture frame simply makes your décor look more complete. However, you may look at the cost of custom picture framing and decide you're better off with off-the-shelf frames. Below are some reasons you should opt for custom picture framing instead.

Custom Frames Can Fit Any Size Artwork

Artwork, posters, and even pictures come in different sizes and shapes. Many are standard, but many are not. If you choose to work with a custom framer, you can order frames to any size and even shape that you need. Otherwise, you might have to try getting the piece mounted asymmetrically so it fits into a standard frame.

Framers are Experts in Artwork Preservation

If you have expensive or even just beloved works of art, you want to preserve them. Well, many artists work with custom framers because they're trained in the care and overall preservation of artwork. Indeed, as Artists Network points out, they can guide you through the different kinds of mats and glazing for your specific works of art.

Framers Utilize Quality Materials and Practices

Custom framers aren't just experts in art preservation. They're also experts in their craft. They start with quality materials such as woods or metals. They then use their knowledge of framing to craft your customized frames. These frames are, therefore, more durable, which makes them last longer than off-the-shelf frames. They're usually more beautiful too.

You Can Perfectly Match Your Décor

One of the main reasons people have pictures framed is to enhance their décor. With custom picture framing, you have an almost infinite amount of choices in color and style. So, say you're trying to use an accent color in your décor. You can choose a custom frame in exactly that shade. Conversely, if you're trying to match the lines of a specific style, you can do so with a custom frame.

You Can Display Three-Dimensional Keepsakes

Many sports or music fans have keepsakes beyond an image. These keepsakes might be a simple ticket stub or a prized signed jersey. Naturally, you'll want to display these keepsakes. You can order customized frames that allow you to display the keepsake alone or with relevant pictures. You can even make a three-dimensional display out of your keepsakes.

Custom Frames Come with More Personalization Options

Ultimately, many people splurge on custom picture frames because they're that — custom. You have more options to personalize your frames if your order them custom. You can match a preference for shapes or a specific style, such as vintage. You can also choose exactly the finishes you want.

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