How To Choose The Perfect Trends To Follow

Every year, decorating and home care magazines publish issues about which trends are coming and going, either as the new year begins or as the seasons change. Unless you really like redecorating and can afford to change out everything in your home a few times per year, you're going to have to figure out a way to identify those trends that you definitely want to follow and those that you can set aside. The biggest indicator that a trend might be worth adding to your home's design is how you feel about it, of course. But once you find those designs you like, you need to narrow them down to the few that you can use and keep using long after the next "new trend" magazine issues show up in your mailbox.

How Easy It Is to Keep the Decor Clean

If this trend calls for accessories with fringe, distressed painted portions that feel rough to the touch, or other features that look like they could trap dust, consider how easy it would be to keep the items clean. A smooth picture frame is easy to dust in a flash. A fringed wall hanging isn't that easy to dust, especially if you can't simply throw the wall hanging into a washer. Ask yourself what types of materials the trend would call for and whether you would actually want to deal with these materials for many months.

One option, if you find yourself really liking a type of decor's style but not its material, is to speak with an interior designer. The designer may be able to come up with a substitute that lets you have the curtains, rug, or other feature you want, but in a better material.

Pet-Proofed (and Human-Proofed) Decor

Trends don't always take pet safety into account, and if you have a pet, even one that's normally caged, you want your home to be as pet-safe as possible. Find out what materials are dangerous to cats, dogs, and other animals. Don't limit this to plants; for example, salt lamps can be dangerous to dogs and cats because if a pet licks the lamp, the animal can develop salt poisoning. Watch out for fabrics with lots of fluff that can shed. You don't want animals ingesting these by accident. Also, be sure that the decorating is human-safe, too. For example, if you live in a region that experiences shaking from earthquakes, don't put anything above your bed, even if you really like a decor trend that shows pictures and shelves hanging right above your pillows.

Staying Subtle

Trends come and go, for the most part. The majority of what you see in articles about "this year's trends" and so forth aren't going to be long-term trends, so it's in your best interest to not turn your home into a glaring copy of an obvious trend. It's easy to hide knickknacks that have fallen out of style, but for larger items like furniture, or more permanent items like a paint color for the walls, ask yourself how easily could the item or color blend in with different trends as time and tastes change.

A consultation with an interior designer, such as at Pompeii Design Group, could help you choose fabrics, colors, and other features that would look fantastic in your home. You can customize those trends to suit your needs more easily.

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Every year, decorating and home care magazines publish issues about which trends are coming and going, either as the new year begins or as the seasons

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