Tips For Staging Your Apartment

It can feel difficult to stage an apartment because the space is smaller than that of a home. However, staging your apartment or condo well is critical in making sure that you attract buyers who will be willing to pay your asking price. Here are some tips for staging your apartment to help ensure that you sell it quickly for what it is worth.

1. Show Off the Amount of Space You Have

Your first step is to physically show off the sheer amount of space that you have. This is important because when people are looking at apartments, especially in the city, they are looking for as large a space that they can afford. Remove as many possessions as you can, even taking the step to rent a storage facility for a few months while you are selling your apartment. The reason for this is that it will allow the space in your apartment to feel bigger than it would otherwise feel if you had clutter. Remove photos, collections, and other displays because they will just detract from the space and make your apartment feel smaller than it really is.

2. Repaint Your Apartment the Same Neutral Color

You might love your funky purple bathroom, but many perspective buyers or renters will not. Instead, repaint the entire apartment the same neutral color. This will help your apartment flow more easily from one room to the next, allowing it to feel much larger. It will also make your apartment feel cleaner and better maintained, which is a bonus to many prospective buyers or renters. 

3. Increase Natural Light

Potential buyers and renters want natural light. Make sure that the drapes are open for every viewing or consider removing them entirely. This can make the space feel more open and inviting. Store your drapes in your self-storage unit.

4. Stage Every Area With a Clear Purpose

Make sure that you are staging every part of your apartment with a clear purpose. This means that every area is staged and is obvious about what it is used for. Even smaller nooks should have a small bookshelf or a desk so that it is clear that the apartment can easily be maximized. This will allow people to feel as though they are considering a functional space that will be easy for them to use in the future.

For more information, talk to a company like Stagethis that specializes in staging consultations.

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