Four Inexpensive Treatment Ideas For Large Windows And Window Walls

Large windows are great for letting in the natural light and opening up a room to make it appear larger, but finding coverings that work for them can be a pain. Many cheaper solutions like mini blinds or roman shades are just not feasible. So, how can you furnish large windows without breaking your budget?

1. Wall to wall sheers.

If your large window take up the majority of a single wall, then covering it is easy. Install a rod just a few inches short of the ceiling height and run sheers over the length of the wall. You'll get privacy without sacrificing the natural light. Be sure to buy or make enough panels to keep the curtains full when closed, with gentle folds, or else the sheers will look underdone. They should flow until they bunch gently at the floor, slightly longer than the wall height.

2. Framing a set of windows.

Some walls are full of small windows intended to make a wall of windows. Covering each one individually is challenging to pull off and expensive. However, by unifying them together as a single window, you'll have more luck. Hang a curtain rod over the entire window set, and use a light colored drape that hangs flat. Then, use a patterned, fuller fabric on either end of the rod to "frame" the windows. You'll still enjoy the benefits of the window set, but you can easily cover them all with unifying curtains. This method uses considerably less fabric, reducing the overall cost. 

3. Hide the wall.

Sometimes, you have a wall with several windows, or a set of french doors with large windows on either side. Instead of trying to cover the windows, run a valence over the length of the wall, and then cover the walls with full bodied drapes. This gives the illusion that the windows have no breaks, and helps them to stand out more easily. It unites large windows and doors together into a cohesive design. Install pull-down shades for privacy, leaving the drapes stationary. This saves money because pull down shades are less costly than many panels of full drapes, but you still get the draped effect. 

4. Keep minimalist rods.

A large curtain rod can often be pricey, and cheaper versions can look unprofessional or unattractive. To save on costs, install a small rod on either side of the window to hang drapery panels. Then, use a rolling shade on the actual window for when you need privacy. 

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