Where To Put That Area Rug: Proper Placement For The Living, Dining And Bedroom

That beautiful area rug looked great at the store you purchased it from, but it doesn't look quite the same now that you have it at home. The problem may not be the rug, but where you placed it in the room. Proper placement of your area rug can change the look of your room from looking like a hot mess to looking like a well put together room. See below for tips on where to put your area rug in your living, dining and bedrooms.

Living Room

Your area rug in your living room should take up the entire sitting space where you have your couches, chairs and tables. It should not be smaller than that space. For example:

  • 5' x 8' Rug. A rug this size should fit a small sofa, two chairs and a coffee table. Place the sofa on the 8' edge, the coffee table in front of the rug, then the two chairs facing each other on opposite sides of the coffee table to form a square around the rug.

Dining Room

The dining area rug should fit beneath your table and chairs, so that even if the chairs are all pulled out they are still sitting on the area rug. The shape of the rug depends on the shape of your table, so if you have a round table, the rug should also be round, a square table should sit on a square rug, and a rectangle table should sit on a rectangle rug. The larger your table and chairs, the larger your rug should be.


There are a number of different ways to properly place an area rug in the bedroom. You can use two smaller rugs, or one large rug. Whichever you choose, the rug should never be placed at just the foot of the bed, this creates an un-parallel look. See below for proper placement options.

  • Two Rugs. For a queen size bed, place two rugs on opposite sides of the bed. The rugs should butt up to the edge bed and sit in front of your nightstand (if you have one). A 3' x 5' rug works well with this type of placement.
  • One Rug. Again with a queen size bed, place the rug beneath your bed and in front of your nightstand. It should be placed so the longer length of the rug sits on the opposite sides of the bed. You can also use a bigger rug to place your nightstands on top of the rug as well. You can use rugs that are 5' x 8', 6' x 9', or 8' x 10' for a one rug placement beneath a queen size bed. 

Choosing an area rug for your home may seem like a simple task, but proper size and placement takes careful consideration. Talk to an interior designer for help.

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