6 Things You Should Do To Preserve Your Hardwood Floors

There is a reason so many newer homeowners are opting for hardwood floors. Not only are they beautiful, but the go well with absolutely everything. They can make a home look cozy and quaint, giving your home a lovely quality. This is a major selling point, but how can you protect your investment while you enjoy it? These kips will help you keep your hardwood floor surface smooth and beautiful.

1. Be mindful of the shoes you wear.

As much as you love your high heels, it is not a good idea to wear them on your hardwood floors. Pointed heels can create significant dents on your floor. In fact, it is much better not to wear any shoes in the house. They track in dirt that can also influence the way your floors look.

2. Keep Fido's nails short.

Animals with long nails can actually end up scratching your floors. Make it a point to trim the nails of your cats and dogs before they roam the interior of your home. You may not initially see the nicks and scratches, but they do occur.

3. Clean up the floor regularly.

It is important to eliminate the dirt and dust that your shoes commonly track in. Otherwise, you may be scraping your floors with dirt, embedding pieces into the wood. Dirt, especially sand, can actually operate like sandpaper when you aren't careful. When you do clean, ensure that you are using materials intended only for hardwood floors. Other types of cleaners may cause severe damage to your floors, or simply leave them looking dull and colorless. Additionally, you should avoid cleaning up with a vacuum. The wrong brush can actually scratch the delicate wood on your floor.

4. Clean up spills and messes immediately.

Liquids can damage hardwood floors to the point of no return quite quickly if you are not careful. The sooner you wipe up spills, the better your chances that nothing will happen to your beautiful floors.

5. Move furniture mindfully.

You should never slide furniture along a hardwood floor. It will leave behind apparent scratches that you will regret being able to see for years to come.

6. Understand the finish of your floor before you try to wax it.

Certain floors are designed with different types of finishes, and this changes how you should care for them. For instance, newer floors may have polyurethane finish, which should never be waxed.

Hardwood floors do not have to be difficult to care for. By taking a few steps each day, you can keep them in excellent shape.

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