Design Tips For An Old World Kitchen

The kitchen is the household center, the space where family and friends meet. Some of the most important work – cooking and eating – also get done in the kitchen. As such, the style of your kitchen tends to influence the ambience of the rest of your home. If you have a traditional, classical or historical house, an Old World kitchen is a cohesive style for your home.

Start with Dark-Finished Furniture

A hallmark of Old World kitchens is their antique look. As Home and Garden TV points out, dark mahogany finishes are traditional in this type of setting. Select cabinetry with furniture-style detailing, such as feet, corbels and rich trim. Alternatively, convert actual antique furniture pieces, such as a china cabinet or buffet, into cabinetry. A farmhouse table refinished in dark mahogany also serves as a fitting island for your Old World Kitchen.

Select Traditional Materials for your Countertop

When it comes to the countertops, granite is almost de rigeur for this style of kitchen. Granite has long been used in kitchen design because it's a durable and beautiful material. Likewise, have the granite finished with more ornate edging, such as the bullnose or beveled style. Bullnose edges flow smoothly down, while beveled edges have a sharp angle before the curve. When it comes to color, select a lighter shade with light speckling or marbling to counteract the rich color of the mahogany. If granite isn't in the budget, consider quartz countertops manufactured to resemble natural granite. Contact a company like Plastic Line Mfg Inc for more information about countertops.

Install a Wooden Floor

While some Old World kitchen have tile floors, wood is more traditional. One option is to select recycled wooden floors. The boards come from abandoned buildings, such as old schools and barns, and therefore feature a natural worn-in look. Otherwise, splurge on the wider planks for your kitchen. The wide planks present a more neutral flooring backdrop than the patterning in narrow planks.

Add Arches

Whenever possible, look for ways to add the classical curve of an arch into your design. For example, select a range with a curved hood. Add a mantle below a cabinet to create an arch over a sink or other work surface. Additionally, either remodel your windows to be arched or add semi-circular transoms above them. Adding these curves go a long way toward channeling the ageless charm of the Old World kitchen.

Additionally, when planning your Old World kitchen, look for ways to add timeless details such as pendant or chandelier lighting. Also highlight the natural beauty of your traditional home's architecture.

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